It’s bittersweet when your daughter first learns to say “bye bye, dada.”  You’re happy to hear her say something so cute, but it also means you’re leaving a bit too often. 

And so the 352 Media Group Awesome Across America Tour (I just made that up, but I really like it) continues.  Last week I attended the Microsoft MSVP Vendor Summit, which introduces Microsoft’s preferred vendors to the marketing decision makers across the company.  While traffic wasn’t overwhelming (most Microsoft Marketers already know all of the vendors), the conversations I did have were productive.  I met some new groups and got a chance to shake hands with some of our existing contacts.  Here’s a quick pic I snapped with my phone.  Glad to say people were still really drawn in by the “Shrimp and Weenies” messaging we first used last year.  For the uninitiated, check out the post from last year explaining the message here: How “Shrimp and Weenies” Became a Clever Trade Show Campaign 

So the next stop on our tour is Boston…literally across America from Seattle.  We’re sponsoring the Inbound Marketing Summit, an event that has received rave reviews over the past couple of years.  Last year they had expert author Seth Godin (pictured below), and this year’s lineup features Chris Brogan, the number one on the AdAge Power150 blog index (  Pretty impressive.  Anyhow, we’re heading up to not only exhibit, but to also take in the great content.  And what better venue than Gillette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots?  Should be a very cool event!

So come by and see us if you’re attending.  There *may* be New England clam chowder in our booth.  I’m neither confirming or denying those rumors.  And if you can’t make it by the booth, then I’m told there’s Karaoke Wednesday night! 





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