We made some predictions for the new year – from design trends and technology changes to where we see digital marketing in 2014. Since we think we have a good handle on where our industries are going, some of our staff wanted to share a few New Year’s Resolutions on how they hope to improve in 2014. Check them out and share yours in the comments!

Kate Griggs, development team coordinator: I want to write my own program from scratch next year! I know close to nothing about code, and what I do know my wonderful Team Orange developers have graciously spent some time teaching me, but with their help and a little bit of elbow grease (keyboard grease?) I think I can get it done.

Brittney Sheffield, marketing strategist: This isn’t directly work-related, but it goes along with a few other general resolutions – I want to bring my own lunch to work every day. This ties in nicely with my 2013 resolution to never eat at a certain much-loved barbecue joint down the road from 352.

knight rider lunchbox
No point in leaving this bad boy at home.

Dennis Pelton, network support technician: My New Years Resolution is to become MongoDB certified. Getting this certification will be a great way to test all of the MongoDB knowledge that I have been accumulating lately and also allow me to show myself and others that I have sufficient experience and expertise to manage MongoDB servers and clusters. And possibly get me a raise *hint hint wink wink* 

From our fearless marketing leader, Erin Everhart:

Get better at guitar

I started playing guitar in 2013 on my dad’s 30+ year old Taylor. I’ve got the scales down solid, and sometimes, if you listen really closely, I can make a seamless transition between the G and D chords. I’m hoping to move into actual songs here in the next couple of months.

What’s this have to do with work? Everything. A recent New York Times Op-Ed found that playing an instrument improves your focus, discipline, collaboration and problem solving skills, all of which I need to be the best digital marketer possible. Plus, it mellows me out, and I’ve been known to get a little angry.

Work without email

I’m addicted to my inbox. It’s open all day on one of my monitors, and I can’t not look at those damn notifications that pop up in my bottom left screen. Sure I’m uber-responsive, but it also means a couple of hours can go by and I have no actual work to show for it

I’ve already disconnected my work email from my personal phone, and starting today, I’m closing my inbox.  I’ll start weaning myself away by only checking email for critical messages at the top of the hour. Then, I’ll move into checking it every 2 hours, and hopefully, get to a point where I’m only checking it three times a day.

Rainier Fuclan, marketing strategist: I want to set up the marketing internship in the other offices to give students and young professionals looking to get a foot into the industry an option. Since the Gainesville marketing internship program has done so well and is highly promoted from UF and Santa Fe, I want to create similarly successful programs throughout 352. And I want to learn how to code because I like to keep enhancing my skillset to not only help myself but add an additional resource for the marketing department.

Peter VanRysdam, founding partner: My resolution is pretty much to get organized, physically and digitally. Our upcoming office move (stay tuned!) will clean the slate so to speak, so I just want to keep it that way throughout the year.

Nicholas Forneris, interactive designer: I’m quitting World of Warcraft, which will be the second most difficult thing I’ve ever done. I’m looking forward to returning to the land of the living and start from scratch on all my social skills.

Godspeed, friend.

Brian Russell, senior marketing strategist: I’m going to get better at Excel. There’s so much handy data out there to aide with decision making. Getting better at Excel will help speed up some steps, and also help me transform all the rows and columns of values and numbers into something that can be easier on the eyes for others.

Krissy Scoufis, user experience strategist: I want to blog more, both personally and for the 352 blog.

Burton Hohman, marketing strategist: I want to become AdWords certified. The course will help me plan more cost efficient PPC campaigns as well as learning the ins and outs of remarketing to help me to better promote my clients in the future. Being certified through Google adds an extra layer of credibility when pitching a PPC campaign to potential or existing clients.

Chris Manning, director of quality assurance: Later this year, we will release our new code base. It is my resolution to make sure that the foundation we set is solid and ready to launch 352 into the future.

Daniel Alves, interactive designer: I’m not one for resolutions, but one thing I am doing this week is enabling 2-step verification on all my accounts, and I’m also using Google Authenticator App when possible. I’ve long ignored “the advice.” 2-step verification makes it so that any log-ins need to be approved through my mobile device. The process has matured a lot recently, and I finally felt like I could do it without it being a pain in the neck.


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