One of the biggest struggles we face in our sales process is showing potential clients that we are an established company.  Thanks to the Web, two guys in a garage can make themselves look like a Fortune 500 company.  So we figured what better way to show off who we are then by putting together a video about our staff?

Take a look at the video by clicking on the graphic below:

While we were at it, we decided to put together a similar video for recruiting purposes.  This video focusses more on our culture.  Here’s the link for it:

I think adding more and more video will be critical for us moving forward.  It really bridges the communication gap that results from all-electronic communication.  Sometimes it is nice to put a face to an email.  To that end, we’re beefing up our internal video capabilities with an amateur green screen studio of our own.  We’ll still outsource many videos for our Web Video Host service, but this allows us to continue to easily add fresh video content to our own site, like we did yesterday.


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