Wait a second…are you implying that people don’t think things through?  Do you really think that people would just decide to create a corporate blog because they think they’re supposed to?  People aren’t thoughtless followers like that.  If they were, we’d get 1,000 calls asking to create a site like myspace everyday from people who’ve never had an original idea in their lives.  Oh, wait…

Here’s the report from a Gartner analyst posted on CNET:

Adam Sarner, an analyst with market research firm Gartner, has projected that over 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies with Web sites will have undertaken some kind of online social-networking initiative for marketing or customer relations purposes. But, he added in an interview with CNET News, 50 percent of those campaigns will be classified as failures.

Sarner plans to present his results at the annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2008, which takes place October 12-16 in Orlando, Fla.

This could mean social networking sites like Myspace or facebook, annoying sites like twitter, or of course blogs.  The key is to go in to these things with a defined purpose as opposed to doing it because the CEO says you should.  At least that was the theme from a recent conference session by a Cleveland-based public relations and marketing firm PR20/20’s founder Paul Roetzer on business blogging.  Paul spoke at the recent Inbound Marketing Summit about how to effectively blog for business.  Check out the Webcast here:

And speaking of twitter, I’m planning on watching a webinar from the same people who put on the inbound marketing summit, a company called Hubspot, on twittering for business.  You can sign up for this Friday’s live Webcast here at the hubspot site.  Who knows…maybe I won’t hate twitter after this.


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