Google has yet another search nibbling at the giant’s dominance in the space.  This article in the NYTimes talks about a new search, called Rushmore Drive, that is targeted toward specific minority groups.  This is interesting for a couple of reasons, but if successful they could at least cause Google to yet again tweak their algorithms to better refine their search results.

I am not sure if this search is something that will ultimately be triumphant, but creating a niche within the huge market of search can certainly be lucrative.  I guess one goal could be to get enough users where one of the big players (Yahoo, Microsoft, or Google itself) just comes in and buys you out.  I am not saying that everyone “sells out” or anything, but who doesn’t want a potential truckload of money?

With so much of the online ad dollars being spent in search, I have to think that the time is right for a niche engine like this as everyone is scrambling to snag targeted niche groups to bring a better ROI for their ever scrutinized marketing dollar.

Very interesting indeed…


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