We’ve all learned over the years how to tune out commercials on TV.  For the most part they are no longer unique.  However when something different comes along, whether you really care for the product or not, you find yourself watching.  That’s kind of the thinking behind the Web Video Host service we recently launched. 

The goal here is to take two things that alone aren’t incredibly exciting, and to put them together to make something special.  Sure, the use of video online is nothing new, but it is new to see it done outside of the confines of a player (real, windows media, etc).  We’ve found with our own site that people spend more time on the homepage than they did prior to us launching the video which helps prove our theory.

Anyhow, we launched a new site today for a client that uses this technology. is a really slick example of doing something small to make a big impact.  As their users click down the google list and get to them, they’re going to take notice.  There is no question this site will stand out from the others and that’s the goal, isn’t it?

This is the first of what we’re hoping will be many launches of this technology.  Well, I guess not too many.  Then people might start tuning them out!

Screenshot of Web site


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