When you think of shipping, UPS, FedEx, USPS maybe even DHL come to mind.  For most of us that’s about all we’ll ever know.  That is unless there is a need to get a huge amount of hazardous material to the other side of the planet.  Or, maybe shuttle some ridiculously overweight, odd sized package in the shortest possible time known to man.  Among other things, should such needs arise there is really only one place to turn.  National Air Cargo

They came to us armed with a topnotch IT staff who could run circles around any programmer (well except maybe ours).  However, they didn’t have a design staff to keep up the Web site, which had been tweaked and updated over the last several years, but never got the treatment it deserved.  Their goal…match the Web site with their brand.   It was clear a face lift was needed.  However, what else?  Should Microsoft’s emerging technology Silverlight be used, maybe some type of Rich Internet Application?  What undiscovered technology could be leveraged on the site? 

We approached this project from a new angle that we’ve been experimenting with lately.  We worked with National Air Cargo in more of a consultative fashion to start.  In combination with our Information and Technical Architects, we were able to uncover the full scope of the project, chose and understand all of the functionality which would be most effective.   This allowed an organic process between our experts and National Air Cargo to identify the ideal Web site for them.  From there we were able to take a general idea of ‘we want a better Web site’ into a crystal clear, full scale blue print for the redesign.  Given this crystal clear picture, National Air Cargo was able to make an educated decision on how or even if to proceed with a minimal investment.  I’m glad they chose the former.  This approach even lead us to be under budget. 


The results speak for themselves.  After launch, each time I corresponded with their VP of Information Technology – Randy Kraft, I was treated with,  “It really was a huge hit!”, “352 did an outstanding job.” and “Once again great job!!!”  It arrived to much fan fair at their global sales conference and now is live for the world to see.  We all certainly couldn’t ask for more.  Mission accomplished.  My particular favorite is the Web Video Host. Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

Check back soon, we’ll be adding new features that are going to add even more polish. 


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