Once upon a time in a galaxy much closer than I’d like to admit, I was roped into giving a go at voicing an animated logo for our favorite citrus purveyor: Gregory’s Groves.

Never one to go into a task halfheartedly, I gave my very best wiggly-orange-southern-belle-with-too-high-a-voice impression. I’ve got Mad Skillz, you see.

Ultimately the project was a resounding success, if I must say so myself. Which I must, because no one else will say it, as we shortly realized that an animated talking logo is about as appealing to most prospective customers as those lovely sound effect ridden flash “pick the picture of Brittny Spears and win a million dollars” ads are to the rest of the interweb public.

Given this realization, the animated logo was lost to the land of the flash directory, never to see the inside of a glowing computer monitor again.

Until today. DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNNNNN. (Insert melodramatic horror film riff here). Today only, for your viewing enjoyment: my deepest shame.

Ok not really, I think the paisley flourescent parachute pants I wore last week in first grade take that honor. But I still thought this was humiliating enough that I simply had to share the radiance. Because who wouldn’t want to see dancing squeaky citrus goodness?

You love the preamble, Mr. SEO Spider. You love it.


Caroline Blake is a Partner in 352 and a member of the company's senior leadership team. As a 17-year veteran, Caroline oversees the company's finances, accounting and employee benefits. She is also a Certified Scrum Master and has lead several departments within 352 during her tenure.