We’re in the day 2 keynote now from Microsoft’s MIX developer conference. While yesterday was all about the Windows Phone 7 Series and the launch of the developer platform, Today is about two things: Internet Explorer 9 and data. The data part is where we have some more work featured.

Microsoft announced they are apodting the oData protocol,, as the standard for companies opening up their content for APIs and other external interactions. To highlight this, while still riding the wave of buzz around the Windows Phone, we were asked to help create a phone app that pulls in oData streams from a handful of sources, including most notably Netflix, to create a mashup Movie Finder for the phone. The app will let you search for films and browse the film’s credits and synopsis data pulled from Netflix. In addition you can add any movie to your queue. If the film is still in theaters, the app pulls the same feed that uses to post movie times in search results, which also uses an oData feed.

We worked with Microsoft’s team to develop the project. We designed all of the icons and backgrounds that make the app pop. We’ll also be involved moving forward as we go from prototype to an app that will be released by the time the phone hits the market.

Here are some screenshots of what we did:  



Also, be sure to checkout our design from yesterday’s keynote, and our page about Windows Phone 7 App Development.


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