I just received an email from Apple telling me that “MobileMe is here, and to start my free trial” so I did. I clicked on the sign up now button and proceeded.

At first I was happy with the sign up process is I liked the use of Month Name and Month Number within the Date of Birth drop down on page 1 of the sign up form, I thought it showed attn to detail.

The sign up for page 1 is was straightforward, I liked the colors and the simplicity. The form field letter spacing was positioned a few pixels from the top and left, which I was impressed by — over all it was painless and I did not have to think about any of the input fields.

I spoke to soon, once I hit the continue button for the next page, they hit me with “A credit card is required to start your free trial” Seriously Apple are you joking, asking for my credit card details for a free trial.

Here is what I considered you did wrong…

1) You did not manage my expectations by telling me on page one of the sign up form that you would require my credit card information. If you did, I would not have bothered signing up, furthermore, I wasted more of my valuable time writing this post.

2) You tried to take full control of the situation. The chances of me remembering to cancel my free trial within the 60 days is slim to none, so therefore I would have paid you for a product that I am most likely to have forgotten about tomorrow.

How’s this Apple for an idea, why don’t you allow me to be in control of my own purchasing decisions, if I like your MobileMe solution I will pay you after 60 days on my terms not yours.


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