As far as I can tell, the real problem with developing sites for mobile devices is the lack of standards.  Just as browsers have fought out the competition (RIP, Netscape), this will eventually happen on phones and PDA’s.  But if you need to program a site for mobile devices, you’re best bet is plain text.    Even though many browsers for devices like blackberrys, palm, windows mobile, etc will accommodate other things, you don’t want to limit your audience.  The result is boring experiences.

DotMobi, an industry group that registers domain names for the mobile Web, launched a database of cellphone specifications on Tuesday to help software developers better design Web sites for mobile phones.  Read the full article here.

One sentence that caught my eye from that article, “DotMobi has sold more than 850,000 domain names ending in .”mobi”.” 

My first thought was, why four letters?  That’s dumb.  My second thought was, who would want a .mob extension?  I’m dumb.

Last thing on this topic…Mobi’s site has a mobile browser emulator, so you can see what your site looks like on common mobile devices.  Our site?  Not so optimized so much.  In fact, it didn’t come up at all.  But I know it works on my blackberry.  But alas, they are trying to sell you a .mobi domain. 

So I checked our site on the Opera mobile emulater.  Seems to provide and iPhone-esque experience, with a few hiccups.  I’ll give it a shot:


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