I have tremendous respect for Microsoft and how they operate as a business.  (It doesn’t hurt that they are one of our top clients too).  But their new TV commercial really doesn’t make sense to me.  Take a look:

What makes it even more disappointing to me is that I like Bill Gates and I am a huge Jerry Sienfeld fan.  I’m disappointed the combination doesn’t work here.  I just think the writing is bad.  Strange, dry humor that underdelivers.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.  A blogger for Computer World wrote “It’s one of the worst, most pointless ads in history”, while a headline in the Sydney Morning Herald read ” ‘Bizarre’ Microsoft ad misses mark.”

Worse, I have no idea what this commercial is actually promoting.  I’m guessing Microsoft is tired of getting bashed in the funny Mac vs. PC commercials, so they wanted to have a creative commercial of their own.  Unfortunately the Mac vs. PC commercials are legitimately entertaining, while this is not.

I did read that one of the ad producers’ goals was to get people talking.  I guess that worked… but maybe not in a good way.


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