tafita logoCame across a new search tool from Microsoft today that really showcases Silverlight and some potential uses.  Check out (make sure you install the plugin just like with Flash), and play around with it.  It lets you do the standard stuff like search the web, images, rss feeds, but the user interface is pretty cool. 

You can do all of that on live search of course, but tafiti actually gives you the option to save results in a sort of “shelf” to come back to later.  You can also post the contents of your shelf to your blog (though not sure I’d want people seeing what I searched for!).

The coolest part hands down is the tree view.  I’ve seen similar things on other sites, and this one is very nice looking as well.  I do wish I could drag to control the speed of the rotation (you’ll see what I mean when you try), but still a nice visual representation of my query results none the less.

Seems to be a lot of people trying to put a spin on the search engine game.  I guess if you can’t beat em, join em.  Lord knows it’d be tough to come out with a new search engine that rivals google, yahoo, or live.  So people have started created new interfaces that use the results from these sites…interesting.  Take a look at a few I’ve found: – gives half of their revenue from advertising to charity.  If you’re going to search yahoo anyway, do it here and help some good causes (or sign up your own cause!). – I think this is pretty stupid…it claims to save energy by using a black background on google.  I read some critics that say flat panel monitors actually use more power to display black.  This must be Al Gore’s engine! – combines results from all of the major search engines in one interface. 


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