MLB's Silverlight PlayerSo Major League Baseball is the first to get on the Silverlight train.  The league launched a new player on their Web site that uses the RC1 build of Silverlight.  Upon first review, the video was smooth, good quality, and quick to load.  You can see what I saw here.  Keep in mind if you haven’t loaded the Silverlight plugin before, you’ll be prompted to do so, but fear not; it takes all of 5 seconds.

The reason this is interesting is that it is the first major deployment of Silverlight.  I say major, because you can’t just forget about the whirlything, something my company put together for Microsoft.  It was our first attempt in the Silverlight arena, and has been well received to date.  We’ve since started a couple of other Silverlight apps, and have several more in the pipeline.  As Microsoft vendors, we’ve already seen a big shift from Flash to Silverlight.  Obvioulsy that won’t happen overnight outside of Microsoft, but it is certainly a technology that deserves some attention.

I’m a tad surprised someone like the MLB would roll out something that is still in Beta, but they did put a handy little “Beta” flag in the corner, so I guess that makes it right.  Granted, I’m not sure if people outside of the computer world don’t think that’s referring to a type of fish.  Who knows.

I’ve heard talk of some other cool applications of Silverlight that are coming in the near future.  I won’t spill the beans, but I’ll blog them when they come up.


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