Michael Vick is now officially my least favorite person.  After weeks of speculation and reports about his involvement in a dog fighting ring, Vick has finally been indicted.  It’s about time.  People are now focused on whether or not he’ll be suspended by the league, and how this impacts his fantasy status.  I for one hope the league doesn’t have to suspend him, because I hope he goes to prison.  Warning to Vick…the fantasy sports in prison are a bit different.

So Nike came out yesterday and said they’re suspending the launch of the Vick shoe as the trial plays out (though they don’t seem to want to do anything about the Vick cleats, which are already on shelves.  They’re great for chasing down pit bulls, apparently).

Rather than cry over the spilled milk of the roughly $7 million in annual endorsements that Mike stands to lose, he should focus on the new doors opened to him.  I can just see Mike’s Muzzles, Vick’s Pits, etc. 

Oh well…if Vick had focussed on football instead of animal torture, maybe he would’ve lived up to the hype. 


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