“Every day is a process and we just stick with that process and get better through wins and losses,” said Kevin Durant, the 6’10” forward for the Seattle Supersonics Oklahoma City Thunder after a recent beating of the Bulls in Chicago.

To help him improve, after losing a championship series, Durant hired his own analytics coach to help show the proficient scorer the times it’d be better for his team if he passed.

Many businesses can benefit tremendously, the way Durant has, by focusing on what’s most important for overall team/company success. The first step is deciding what metrics are most important. The second is setting them up to be measured and shared through the team. Sports teams have scoreboards and game logs. What does your business use?

Bonus from Durant: (skip to the :50 mark)

Reporter: “This is your 32nd consecutive game with 25 or more points the only guy with more, Michael Jordan, in the last 50 years. What does that mean to you?”Durant: “Nothing. I’m just going out there and playing to win. That’s all I worry about. That’s cool to be mentioned with Michael Jordan. I want to be mentioned with him for alongside other things. More than a 25 point streak. I want to win championships. That’s what it’s all about.”

2x Bonus for Seattle Supersonics fans – Shawn Kemp’s Top 10 Dunks

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