It’s fair to say that in the world of social media, Facebook
dominated for April. With its upcoming IPO and huge acquisition of Instagram,
Facebook ran the social media scene the past few weeks. While these two stories
have definitely been front and center, there are some other social medial
happenings that occurred over the past few weeks. In case you missed any of the
big news, here’s a recap of the social media happenings for April.


Facebook acquires
Instagram for $1 billion (via Mashable)
to the social media giant’s purchase, Instagram use has exploded the past month
with the application now having more than 50 million users and it averaging
roughly 5 million new users per week. Considering the app started the year with
only 15 million users, the acquisition, coupled with the fact the app is now
available on Android, is going to mean big things for Instagram-mers.

Facebook IPO set at
$28 to $35 a share (via Wall Street Journal)
These IPO share prices for Facebook put the company’s valuation at between
$85 billion and $95 billion. The company is expected to debut on the stock
marketing at the end of next week (May 18).

Facebook hits 900
million users (via Techvibes)
900 million people log on to Facebook each month, and more than half of
them (500 million) are active users on the mobile platform. Estimates have
Facebook hitting 1 billion users by the end of the year.

Facebook offering
Analytics tool for ads (via Mashable)
Facebook is planning on introducing a new feature that will allow marketers
to see how fans of their Pages are responding to ads. The new feature, Action
Management, will allow marketers to go deeper into user-engagement data.


Judge rules tweets
can be used in court (via Mashable)
A New York judge ruled that prosecutors don’t need a warrant to subpoena a
Twitter account. Just another reminder to all those social media addicts out
there to think before you tweet.

Twitter updating
Discover tab
(via Mashable)
The Discover tab, which displays trending topics, people to follow, and
recommended stories, now has an updated recommendation algorithm to display
more meaningful content. The new version should be available to users within
the next few weeks.


Google+ gets a new
look (via TechCrunch)
Google+ unveiled a new look last month that makes Google+ profiles look a
little like Facebook profiles with large cover images and small profile
pictures. It also offers a new navigational structure, as well as an Explore
feature that takes users to popular topics on the social network.


now featuring ‘ads’ (via Mashable)
While Tumblr isn’t calling the new feature
“ads,” the site is now featuring sponsored posts, which will give the sponsors
the opportunity to add more followers and likes.


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