I signed up for to a mailing list this morning Steve Krug  a mailing list for  web usability consulting. I bought his book, I’m nearing the end and I want more info.

When I got the “please confirm your address” email I clicked on the link and confirmed that I did indeed sign up, and that the email address was mine.

The reply mail I got from this I thought was very interesting

Thanks for signing up for my email updates. Don’t worry: mailings are infrequent, we’ll never share your information, and no salesman will call. Steve Krug

I thought this was great he has made me some promises. I know that he wont sell my details (and just to be sure I spelled my first name in my native language). I wont get sales calls, which I would like to get them as I would freely purchase his stuff, but most importantly he told me that the emails are infrequent so I wont be waiting my weekly usability fix, when they come they come.

What Steve has done here is a great job in managing my expectations. The lesson here is that by telling your client upfront they will know exactly what to expect, some companies are great at this and others need to take notice.

I think one way we could use this tactic is when someone requests a call from our page that an email is sent back advising that one of the account managers will be in touch shortly and please have your technical brief ready, or here is a list of questions to consider before the call.


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