This year Lauren Lester, another Project Manager, encouraged myself, friends, family members and our coworkers to participate in the 352 Media Group Breast Cancer Walk team. Way to get people stoked and motivated Lauren!!!! I was super excited that 352 Media was supporting the cause! 

We all met and brainstormed different fundraising ideas, while soliciting friends and family for online donations through the Making Strides Web site.   Our company raised $1,262.00 between potluck lunches, custom designed t-shirts, a delicious bake sale, and even a BBQ/Charity Poker event!!! 

This was my second year participating in the walk; walking with my mom and other survivors is a very powerful and touching experience.   My mom’s participation this year marked her 10 year anniversary as a survivor.  She had the “eye of the tiger” as she strided full steam ahead…and as she crossed the finish line tears welled up in her eyes, as did mine.

It’s an amazing and very empowering experience; to be part of  all the people who come together—short, tall, young, old, male, female—all making strides towards to same goal, the cure for breast cancer. 

To learn more about how you can get involved visit here.


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