My name is Amy, and I’m not afraid to admit last night I bawled my eyes out at a commercial. This commercial, to be exact.

While re-rewatching the latest RHOC, I did my usual zone out during the commercial break. I was half paying attention to the ad until the soft-spoken male narrator started describing how he never expected another woman to come and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

As our narrator Artie opened up about how he was grappling with the ability to accept his daughter’s impending nuptials, I was hooked. As we see him travel across the country to attend his daughter’s wedding, all I could think was, “How is this going to play out?”

I was catapulted into what almost felt like a documentary, showcasing one generation’s acceptance of a new way of life. I immediately cared about learning whether this father would learn to accept his daughter’s unexpected lifestyle, and I couldn’t pry myself away from watching the story behind this beautiful and touching same-sex wedding unfold.

Minutes had passed at this point, and we see Artie and his wife walk their daughter down the aisle to her fiancée. We watch the couple’s first kiss, we watch the daddy/daughter dance, we watch a father stand by his daughter on her wedding day.

It is only after our story has unfolded that we learn who has brought us this experience: Expedia.

This is arguable the most brilliant, yet beautiful, ad I have ever seen.

You go, Expedia. You go.

They let their customer tell the story, and they sit back and let it unfold. They introduce us to someone we become attached to and let them tell the brand’s story through their actions. It makes perfect sense: The ad is about a wedding, albeit with an untraditional storyline, and instead of doing the usual summer wedding travel ad, Expedia takes one person’s experience and lets it tell their brand’s story.

There were no bells and whistles, no logos or branding until the last few seconds of the ad. They let a really awesome storyline get the viewer’s attention and didn’t detract from the individual’s message. They created an impression and gave us a great experience without making it all about them.

It was pure genius.

Now, not only are they going to get buzz because of the potentially controversial angle of their ad, but they have given viewers an
experience they will not soon forget. Just search their hash tag on twitter and see how much buzz they got (#ExpediaFindYours).

We’ve talked before about the importance of telling the story right – and Expedia nailed it. As marketers, we should all aspire to let our users tell their stories in such a brilliant way. You’ve set quite a high bar, Expedia. I only hope we can see more of the same in the time to come.

Image courtesy of Flickr.


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