There are a ton of hosting shops out there, as I’m sure you’re aware if you’ve ever search for hosting.  And, if you’ve ever chosen the cheapest, I’m sure you’re also aware there are some fly-by-night shops.  Downtime, poor backups, bad customer service…you know what I’m saying.

As a developer, we’ve spent a ton of time looking at hosting.  We originally did it in house (in a room with wooden beams under the server rack and a fire sprinkler overhead…yeah) and then moved it to more capable firms.  Of the various shops we’ve worked with, and there have been tons, none comes close to Rackspace. 

At first we just sent Rackspace the high-end projects that were mission critical.  We figured they weren’t competitive for smaller shared-hosting environments.  Shame on us!  Rackspace has become our go-to vendor now for hosting of all shapes and sizes, from a site with a few hundred users to sites with thousands of concurrent users across multiple boxes.

And now Rackspace is returning the favor.  They’ve setup a page where our customers can request pricing.  Those customers that come through our page will receive special pricing. 

So if you’re in need, take a look.  It can’t hurt, but it can certainly help!

Here’s the page in question:



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