Other movie buffs such as myself may remember this scene from that phenomenally funny movie from the mid-90’s called PCU

Droz, played by one of my favorite actors, Jeremy Piven “sets off on his normal daily activities including disrupting a political protest by throwing meat at a group of vegan protesters.” Then the pre-fresh, a high school senior who came to visit PCU for weekend is accused of being a meat tosser and is running for his life from the group of vegan protestors…he trips over the power cord for a group of students’ in the library who are writing their thesis…there lies just some of the trouble. 

Later on in the movie, as Droz is helping these frantic students’ who’ve lost their thesis, by providing them new ones…one dude comes along and tells Droz he’s majoring in Sanskrit…and Droz is perplexed that he’s majoring in a 5000 year old dead language…well I’m learning sanskrit and it ain’t easy…

I was working on my yoga homework last night for my certification and came across a blog site; And apparently it’s home of the Experience Sanskrit Workshop…a workshop that helps yogis learn the Sanskrit name of yoga poses.  I think it’s a great idea….but not something I would purchase personally.

So there was a page on his site that had all the root words of each yoga pose…and when you hovered over them it gave you the translation…bottom line though, I think that this “tool” would be a good flash project for our extremely talented designers…to make this tool an entire Web-based or DVD Experience Sanskrit Workshop would be a great idea as some instructors in training (such as myself) don’t have spare time to book a face-to-face workshop…who knows though…I’m sure there is something similar already out there…

And if you haven’t seen PCU then I highly recommend you check it out…Sanskrit or no Sanskrit….that’s just one line of the movie really…it’s full of laughs…and great music from George Clinton and Parliment Funkadelic!!! A classic flick!


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