Web plagiarism a serious problem: UK teachers
Fri Jan 18, 1:21 PM ET

More than half of teachers in a survey said they thought plagiarism from the Internet is a problem.

Some students who steal essays wholesale from the Web, they said, are so lazy they don’t even bother to take the adverts off the cut-and-pasted text.

Fifty-eight percent of the teachers interviewed in the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) questionnaire had come across plagiarism among their sixth-form pupils.

So only 58% of teachers see Web plagiarism as a problem?  Well I have a new report.  “42% of UK teachers Clueless: Peter.”

The same teachers that don’t think internet plagiarism is happening also think you need to go to Edit>Copy to copy text.  Kids these days are all over the CTRL+C like it’s nothing.  Sad really. 

However it should be noted I stole this entire post.

Here’s my favorite line in the article:

A teacher from Leeds said: “I had one piece of work so blatantly ‘cut and pasted’ that it still contained adverts from the Web page.”

Now that’s just lazy.  In my day, kids had to work together to cheat.  You know, making sure you didn’t rip off the same book (yes, they had books then, and entire rooms of them called “libraries”.  Google it.).  And c’mon, you’ve got to take a few minutes to rearrange the words.  That offers you the opportunity for plausible deniability.

In all honesty I think the best policy is to encourage cheating.  Stay with me now…I had a teacher in my senior year of high school for dual enrollment american history who allowed you bring one 3×5″ note card to the test.  He actually encouraged you to get creative with it, even showing us how to use steam to be able to split the single card in half, adding valuable cheating real estate. 

But here’s the point…when it came time to take the test, you didn’t need the cheat sheet!  By taking the time to scour the textbook looking for key dates and events and writing them down in the smallest font possible, you actually learned the stuff.  I always felt a little used after a test. 

Anyhow, if only we had things like this when I was a kid (

Upside down shirt for cheating on a test


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