Last night I attended a dinner at the University of Michigan, for new physicians, great night except for the chicken. I thought the event planner did a great job too. You got to sit at the same table as your partner; but not beside them.  This forces you to chat to others. Each of the Chiefs of Medicine had to tell a little about themselves to other new faculty.  One other thing they did during cheese cake and coffee section was have a crossword quiz where you had to answer questions based on the history of the hospital, this was great as it allowed new staff to get some info about the hospital they probably didn’t know. (Something to think about for new staff)  

During the “about me” section some of the doctors where telling jokes that only a physician or scientist would know, at one stage the place erupted with laughter. I hadn’t got a clue what was going on I was way out of my league. I think I was the only non-doctor there, as a rule of thumb they do not really marry us mere mortals, they stick to their own species.  I a* its something to do with understanding their supreme intelligence and self-importance.  

We started to speak about ,  and  as I use them to get news on what’s happening in the Ireland and the world, as I feel the US agencies don’t do a good job, at this stage the lady sitting beside me advised that she wouldn’t listen to BBC anymore, because they did a report on Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader who died at the age of 75, back in 2004. She believed it to biased as the reporter was crying at his death and many Israelis seen him as a ruthless terrorist.  

At this point, I said im sorry but my knowledge of world events, though better than the layperson! – Im not very versed on this subject, and beside politics and religion are better left away from the dinner table.  

Now here is the lesson – if you do not know what you’re taking about don’t try and speak about a specific subject, be truthful say I don’t know, and save face. The client will know !!!!! and will have no respect for you or your opinion in the future, or move to competitor that does know what their taking about.


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