It seems like there are more and more cool things coming out every day in the world of Web development. From HTML5 and Flash to Analytics and new design tools, this past month is no exception. So, in case you were busy, here are the top ten stories from Web design and development for June/July 2011, including all the big news you didn’t know that you didn’t know yet:

Google’s Swiffy Converts Flash Files to HTML5 via mashable
You’ve heard of HTML5, you know you should have some on your site, but how do you do it? Plus, you just spend a ton of money for that new flash widget. Rest easy…there’s a new tool for you. Google labs has launched Swiffy, a web-based tool that ports Flash elements into HTML5. Finally, people can enjoy your site on the iPad.

From Your Clipboard To Just About Anywhere: Sharing Files In One via TechCrunch
If you’ve played with the right-click features in Internet Explorer, you know accelerators make traditional copying and pasting much easier. now brings that functionality anywhere, even within word docs. Use the normal CTRL+C command and get options like posting to Facebook, searching Wikipedia, or a whole host of other things.

9 Well-Designed User Registration Pages To Learn From via mashable
Registration pages are tricky. Ask for too much info and risk turning away people. Ask for too little and you wind up with useless information. Here is some inspiration from sites that work, and not just simple forms. Take a look at how these sites gather your info.

Free Webinar: Shifting from “Web Design” to “Web Development” by Optimizing and Measuring Your Website’s Conversions
And speaking of good usability, check out our upcoming webinar on the topic. We’ll go beyond forms to look at the always difficult call-to-action. OK, shameless plug over.

3 Reasons Not to Count RIM Out Yet
 via readwriteweb
In mobile news, the love affair with blackberry is certainly over. With the rise of Android and the iPhone and even Windows Phone 7 stealing some enterprise market share, it’s easy to count RIM out. Not so fast, my friend. Here are some reasons to hold on to that stock. 


Apple’s App Store Crosses 15B App Downloads, Adds 1B Downloads In Past Month via TechCrunch

And what is killing RIM? The lack of good apps. Not a problem for Apple, which crossed 15 billion (with a “b”) app downloads. If they’ve paid out over $2.5 billion to developers, how much does that mean they’ve kept? Quite a bit.

Google Maps For Android Now Lets You Download Maps For Offline Viewing (Hallelujah!) via TechCrunch
Having Google maps on your mobile is great and all, but what good is that when you’re in the middle of nowhere with no service and you need it more than ever? Or what about when you head to Spain for the weekend and don’t want to rack up the roaming charges? You can finally download maps for Android devices. Rejoice and be glad.

How Big Is the Web & How Fast Is It Growing? via mashable
We all know the Web is big, but how big is big? What better way to learn than through pretty pictures, which mashable has put together to help explain.

The Web’s Been Running Out of Space, But IPv6 Is Saving It via mashable
And now that you know how big it is, I’m sure you’re wondering where all these sites are living. With IP addresses running short, IPv6 is stepping in to ease the pressure. Rest easy.

352 Media Group: Front-End Developer Ninja (HTML/CSS) via
And the biggest story of the month is, of course, that we’re hiring designers and programmers. And apparently ninjas. Dust off the throwing stars and head on over for an interview.


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