It’s the beginning of July and summer is in full swing.
Burgers are grilling, beers are chilling and your skin is acquiring that lovely
bronze color that comes but a few months a year. Just like the days of summer
still keep churning, the world of social media keeps rolling on. Miss something
while you were out on your summer vacation? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.
Here’s a recap of the major social media happenings for June.


Twitter introduces
hashtag pages (via PCWorld)
In Twitter’s first television commercial, it revealed new hashtag pages.
The hashtag pages are for events, not brands, and display tweets relevant to
the hashtag. These pages will differ from the general search feature as they
won’t display the most recent tweets but instead the most relevant.

Twitter rolls out
tailored trends (via Mashable)

Twitter will now offer what they are calling “tailored trends” that display
relevant topics in a user’s Discover tabs. These tailored trends will be based
on a user’s geographic location and who they follow on Twitter.

Twitter unsynchs from
LinkedIn (via Mashable)
Twitter has dropped its partnership with LinkedIn although the reasoning
behind the decision remains unclear (the LinkedIn password scandal could be a possibility).
LinkedIn users can create an update that will publish on Twitter, but the
reverse will no longer be possible.

Tweets now feature
more content
Twitter has now unveiled expanded tweets
that can show more interactive content such as video and audio clips. Tweets
can also now contain polls
thanks to an integration with GoPollGo.

Promoted tweets
available in 50 additional countries (via The
In keeping with their push to provide more marketing-focused
offerings, Twitter now will offer promoted tweets to 50 additional countries by
the end of the year.


Facebook now lets you
edit comments (via Mashable)
post a status update or comment and realize you made a grammatical error? Well
now Facebook will let you go back and edit comments. Grammar sticklers rejoice!

Facebook possibly
testing a “Want” button (via Los
Angeles Times
A developer has discovered language in Facebook’s code
that alludes to Facebook developing a “Want” button. The Want button will look
very similar to the Like button and could potentially allow Facebook users to
see what others in their social network might want to purchase. Your Facebook
envy could now attain to an all-time high.

Facebook now
integrating with and VIP (via Mashable)
users can now use the Facebook for WordPress plugin to easily publish their
WordPress content onto their own Facebook timelines or the Facebook Pages they


VH1 and foursquare
raise $35k for Save the Music (via Mashable)
On March 1, VH1 began a campaign for its foursquare followers. Any
followers who checked into a music venue would unlock a custom badge. For each
badge that was unlocked, the television network donated $1 to Save the Music. The
music badge has since been retired after VH1 met its $35,000 fundraising goal.

Foursquare previews
Connected Apps (via Foursquare
Foursquare has announced Connected Apps, “developer-crafted
experiences that exist within foursquare.” For example, the Eat This, Not That connected
app can suggest healthier dishes when foursquare users check into a restaurant.


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