It seems like there are more and more cool things coming out every day in the world of SEO and Web marketing. From Google +1 and search engine market share to canonical tags and the most expensive keywords, this past month is no exception. So, in case you were busy, here are the top ten stories from SEO and Web marketing for June/July 2011, including all the big news you didn’t know that you didn’t know yet:

1. Google +1 Increases CTR in Organic SERPs, Ranking Boost Likely via Search Engine Watch

Google +1  has been hinted about since March and released publicaly in May, but it wans’t until June that you saw if this little magic button is going to have any effect on your organic SEO rankings. Dutch company SEO Effect released their study and found that websites who have been +1’d saw a 20% increase in rankings which led to a corresponding lift in click-through rate (CTR). As if Google was going to release something that negatively affected your rankings…

2. Bing The Only Search Engine to Gain Market Share in June via PC Mag
Like newscasters to the job report, we flock to comScore’s search engine ranking report reach month to see just how the big three are competing. For June, among Google, Bing! and Yahoo!, Bing was the only one to gain market search, 0.3 percent increase, which sounds small until you consider that it’s based on a total of around 17 billion search queries. Watch out Google…

3. Google aims to speed up the Web with ‘Instant Pages‘ via Aiming to load a web page as fast as changing a TV channel, Google is rolling out “Instant Pages,” where instead of serving up results most relevant to that keyword, it will try to predict which page you want to see. If clicked, that page will load instantaneously, saving you 3-5 seconds with each search. If you have a video host on your website, like yours truly, it’ll be interesting (and potentially bad) to see what happens when Google starts pre-loading pages. 

4. Twitter Won’t Fly as High if it Flubs Bing Social Search Deal via PCWorld
Google’s real-time search mysteriously went off the air early this month when Twitter’s contract expired, and it’s looking like Bing is going to follow suit. Without those real-time searches getting indexed instantaneously, it greatly diminishes your need to make sure your tweeting about current trending topics. While everything in Twitter is still crawled and will likely still be indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo!, social search may cease to exist.

5. Is your website used by search engine spammers? via Axandra 
Thanks to an online forum, webmaster found hackers to be inserting the canonical tag — “rel=canonical,” a snippet that lets you tell search engines where the preferred location of the URL is to help eliminate self-created duplicate content — on other people’s websites. This means that hackers are telling search engines that your content is preferred to be found on another page, helping their rankings and diminishing all of yours.


6. 5 Takeaways from SEOmoz 2011 SEO Ranking Factors via Yellow Robin Blog
Each year, SEOmoz puts out a report saying what they believe to be the most important SEO factors based on analysis of thousands of website rankings and opinions of internet marketers. The original report is pretty technical in nature, but Yellow Robin Blog summed it up easily with the key takeaways, including anchor text linking, Facebook posts and comments, slow response and load times.

7. Site Claims to Loosen Google “Death Grip” via Wall Street Journal When Google released Panda in February, content-farm sites like and eHow where hit the hardest due to their low-quality content. HubPages, which publishes content from thousands of authors, has found a way to get out of the dreaded sandbox with a recommendation from Matt Cutts himself: subdomains. 

8. Congressman Uses PPC Marketing to Influence Rupert Murdoch’s Investigation via SEM Geek You know you’re in hot water when you see AdWords and PPC ads popping up against you. Democratic congressman Bruce Baley started his own PPC campaign to get people sign a petition to bring down Rupert Murdoch after the News of the World hacking. We have to wonder how much those keywords are going per click. 
9. Bing Release Updated Weather & Finance Tools via Search Engine Watch When it comes to the search engine market share, it’s a fight for every single searcher. While Google may be top dog with its algorithm, Bing is slowly making improvements to the user experience as a whole, updating their weather widgets and finance tools. Will this better user experience make you switch over?

10. Where Google Makes its Money: The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords via Wordstream It’s going to cost you even more to be an insurance company, a mortgage broker or a lawyer.  If you’re planning on bidding on “insurance,” “loan,” or “mortgage,” you better be prepared to shell out some money — a lot of money.

What are some of the other top things happening in SEO and Web marketing this month?


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