This was one of those odd months. Given the holidays, there wasn’t much news on the Web dev front. However there are some great tips I’ve compiled. Then, on the mobile side, all was quiet until CES. There are so many hardware and software updates rolling in, so I did my best to pick out the top ones for you. On to the news!

Here’s What You Might’ve Missed at CES Press Day [VIDEO] – Via Mashable
No need to reinvent the wheel here with a post summing up other posts. Instead, I’ll point you to a great wrap-up of announcements coming out of CES, many of which were mobile related. My favorite new hardware so far, however, has to be…

Nokia’s First LTE Windows Phone is Here…And in the U.S. – Via Mashable
I think I’m ready to jump on the Windows Phone train. The apps are rolling in now, and the hardware has caught up. With this new offering from Nokia, you might say it’s passed the competition. This is just downright pretty.

Responsive design in the corporate world – Via WebDesignerDepot
If you didn’t know any better, you’d have to assume our staff didn’t take any time off during the holidays. It would appear we were all hard at work educating the masses. In this post from one of our top coders, we show how responsive design leads to a better cross-device experience.

How to Design an Ecommerce Site to Maximize Sales – Via Mashable
And sticking with the theme of great advice wrapped in shameless self-promotion, this post from Daniel was the third in his series on getting the most of your website. In this case, he focusses on increasing sales from ecommerce.

The marriage of web writing and user experience – Via Econsultancy
Not to be outdone, the marketing team’s own Erin Everhart put together a great tip sheet on making sure your site preforms well in the SEO realm without sacrificing aesthetics.

Designing for your target audience  – Via WebDesignerDepot
Another great set up tips about optimizing your site’s conversions. This is the time of year to make sure everything is right! More conversions should be on everyone’s list of resolutions.

How to Access the Best New Features in Google Analytics – Via Mashable
Now that you’ve setup your site to increase conversions, you’d better start tracking. You need to get your analytics started before you make changes so you can see how they affect things. This article has some great tips to dig deeper with Google’s analytic tool.

Web design predictions for 2012 – Via WebDesignerDepot
Just what does the new year hold in store for Web dev? Well, you can wait until December and read all of my posts, or you can just read this prediection of what’s to come.

Where Do Browser Bugs Come From? [COMIC] – Via Mashable
Why not end with a fun one…check out this comic from Mashable. If you’re a designer, I’m sure you’ll have a chuckle.


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