we get it: It’s likely your first full week back in the office since mid-December,
so you might have missed a few things. With all the holiday parties to attend,
cookies to eat, and champagne toasts lined up over the month of December, you
likely missed a few things in the world of social media. Don’t worry, we’ve
recapped the biggest stories of the past month that you might have missed.


Twitter releases
major upgrades, including a new look and new features (via Mashable)
Some of the updates made to the new and improved Twitter include a new
Discover feature, which seems to be a supercharged search capability, a new
layout for your Twitter profile, and embedded tweets. The embedded tweets
feature allows you to embed a tweet on a website, allowing visitors to follow
the user, as well as retweet, reply, or favorite the tweet without having to
leave the Web page.

Twitter now offers
brand pages (via ReadWriteWeb)
Similar to brand pages on Facebook, Twitter has introduced pages
specifically for businesses. These brand pages let businesses customize page
headers to feature their image, logo, and tagline more prominently than on
traditional Twitter profile pages.

Twitter named 2011’s
most talked about social network (via Mashable)
Interactive, a digital marketing agency, measured both the volume of mentions
as well as the tone of said mentions to determine the most buzzed about social
network of the year. While smaller than Facebook, Twitter had more mentions in
2011 and a larger percentage of those mentions were positive compared to


Facebook timeline
rolls out to all users (via Facebook)
After months of uncertainty for when it would be available, Timeline is now
available for all Facebook users. After activating Timeline, users have seven
days to review how their profile looks using Timeline. Once the seven-day
period is over, the Timeline profile is live for all Facebook users to view.

Facebook allows subscribe
button for websites (via Search
Engine Watch
Using this new plugin, public figures can now allow users
to easily connect with them on Facebook. Similar to how users can follow a
brand’s page using the Like button, the subscribe button will make it easier
for users to follow reporters and public figures with one click. 

Facebook testing
messaging features between page owners and Facebook users (via ReadWriteWeb)
Similar to how Twitter allows users to engage directly with brands or
companies they are following, Facebook is testing a private messaging feature
that would let customers speak directly with page admins.

Sports Illustrated
lets readers choose Best Sports Moment of 2011 by voting on Facebook page (via Mashable)
For the first time in 60 years, Sports Illustrated let its readers choose
the best moment in sports by voting on the publication’s Facebook page. This
year’s best moment in sports as voted on Facebook? Former Rutgers player Eric
LeGrand’s Oct. 29 return
to lead his teammates onto the field one year
after being paralyzed during a kick return.


Google+ brand pages
begin to appear in Google SERPs (via Mashable)
not available for all pages, some brand pages will appear in search results
pages on Google. This provides an added benefit to marketers as recent posts
made on a brand’s Google+ page are what appear on SERPs. For right now, only
sites that are eligible for Direct Connect appear on SERPs.

Google+ reaches 62
million users, projected to have 300 million by end of 2012 (via Mashable)
is adding 625,000 users a day and is predicted to reach 100 million users by
the end of February, according to Paul Allen, the founder of who
has been watching Google+ since its beginning. However, not all of those are
active users, although the number of active users each week appears to be on
the rise.

Blogger integrates
with Google+ (via Mashable)
For Blogger users who have connected their Blogger profile with a Google+
account, Google+ now offers a feature that allows users to select if they would
like to publish the post on Google+ to any of their circles.


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