The fine folks at 352 Media Group have always created some of the most innovative Web projects out there. From the Silverlight candidate filter, to the American Express travel sites, to the creative stylings over at LogoYes, it is some amazing work. A funny thing about Web sites though… they don’t host themselves. While those projects have a developer in common, they are also all hosted with a friend of ours.

352 Media Group has always understood that different clients have different projects and different projects come with different hosting requirements. When the site can’t afford to be down for even a moment… when a force of nature comes knocking at your door… when it absolutely has to be there… FedEx we start talking to Rackspace.

We’ve had a very long relationship with Rackspace and while not every project is going to need redundant connections nine times over and 24/7 monitoring by a crack team of specialist who are hunkered down in a bunker that rivals a military installation, it’s nice to know the option is out there. We like them so much, we host our own site, our email, and even our blog there (you’re reading it now).

Now as with everything, we are here to help our clients make informed decisions. Hosting with Rackspace isn’t always going to make sense, and we have plenty of other suggestions based on the needs of the project. But, if you find yourself thinking about who to host with let us know or give our friends at Rackspace a shout.

It gives me great pleasure to think about all my little emails running in and out of a concrete box somewhere in Texas. I don’t know why.


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