T-minus 27 hours until the second annual 352 Media Group Field Day, and I couldn’t be more excited.  Remember the field days from your school days?  Well imagine that on steroids, with a free shirt

I’m not going to give away the events, but I’ll tell you the videos will blow last years’ away!  I’ll do my best to get them up before the long weekend.

Plus, Geoff (our CEO) and I are involved in a BBQ cookoff as well.  I can already taste victory, and of course my homemade BBQ sauce.

So I fired up the camcorder today, just to make sure it was in working order and charged up.  I sat down with Lincoln for a candid conversation about nothing at all.  Consider this a public service announcement about why you shouldn’t wear green to a green screen shoot:

**NOTE: A few people have had trouble viewing the video.  Please ensure you have the latest version of Silverlight, specifically 2.0.30523.6.  Download it here.**


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