At about 5 p.m. today, I had a serious geek out fest on Facebook, and if you work among a bunch of web-savvy techies, you know these things are serious.

Facebook has officially given what every page admin has ever asked for: An overdue update making Facebook Pages much more than just a place to get some likes and post some content. Pages now have many of the same features that personal profiles do, which undoubtedly reinforces just how important it is for businesses to leverage Facebook as an excellent marketing tool.

If you’re anything like me, you were having identity problems because you couldn’t interact with your Facebook fans as yourself; you could only do as the actual business. But now you can now easily toggle between using Facebook as yourself or as your Facebook page.

This means, wait for it folks, you can now comment and like both as yourself and your business on your Facebook page AND interact with other people’s pages as yourself or as your business. (Yup, that’s me right there liking something on 352 Media’s Facebook page. I’ll pause for applause.)

Now, you’re able to personally connect with your business’s fans on a one-on-one level, giving your fans more opportunities to connect with the faces behind your business, and as Donje Putnams points out, the fantastic ability to talk to yourself and likely keep yourself entertained for hours.
Facebook also wouldn’t be anything without its News Feed, which is also brought over to the new and improved Facebok pages. Your page is able to like other pages, and their updates show up in its very own News Feed, with a listing of who your page likes on the profile dashboard.

If you’re using Facebook as your page, you can now view who your recent fans are and get a running total of notifications specific to your page, something that’s only been available to personal profile pages prior. While you can’t see any information about your fans that isn’t already made public or unless you are Facebook friends with them, Facebook is finally giving admins the ability to track who’s coming in to like your page.

Finally, you’re also able to opt into receiving e-mail notifications to when someone likes or comments on your page, making it easier to stay on top of the conversation and give immediate feedback to your following.

My heart does break ever so slightly for the team at Hyper Alerts, who developed that “feature Facebook forget” with e-mail notifications when someone posts on your wall. Still, it does offer a capability that I don’t see as of yet with these new admin features. I’m sure I speak on behalf of other admins when I say that I use Facebook both personally and professionally. So far, I don’t see any function that lets you set up a specific e-mail address to receive notifications from your fan page. And let’s be serious, I don’t need all personal likes,comments, and photo tags coming into 352’s e-mail server and continually having to check multiple e-mail accounts for different information is going to get old.

Also, while this is legions better than what we had before, I’m still missing a rock solid set of analytics that come with being an admin now that Facebook no longer allows Google Analytics to be installed.

So dear, Facebook, overall, it’s an epic win on this long, long-awaited change. But you know better than anyone that we’re never going to be 100 percent happy with one of your updates.


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