Each month the Project Managers nominate a client they enjoy working with (keyword in being “enjoy”).  The chosen client is then recognized as 352’s Client of the Month.

I’ve been nominating (ISC)2 for a few months now and July is as good of a month as any to be chosen. The development team has made made comments in passing about how “on-the-ball” this client has been and still is (not to mention working with us as a team player).

(ISC)2 has placed their branding of their new Web site and many other projects in our creative hands and I’m excited to brag that we’ve made quite the impression! Way to go team!

Kim White and her team came to Gainesville a few weeks ago to shoot some top secret video work for the new Web site.  Meeting with the (ISC)2 team in-person definitely reinforced  what a fabulous client they are (and continue to be) to work with.

 As you can see from the photos we’re off to a great start but you’ll have to wait until the end of the summer to see the end results….AHHH the suspense of Web development!


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