marketing pickup linesLast week, our marketing department sat down with our sales team to discuss our new approach to marketing. During the meeting, our sales guys said that they weren’t always sure of what to say to potential marketing clients to fully sell them on our services.

As someone who often finds himself at a loss for words when attempting to strike up a conversation with pretty, new people, I know the importance of the first words in a potential relationship. So, I figured I’d ask our crack team of marketing pick-up artists for their favorite pick-up lines.

Getting ready to cold-call a new office? Spotted a likely client over near the cash bar at a networking event? Well, straighten your tie, comb your hair and get ready to drop one of these 100-percent-guaranteed lines to reel in your next marketing client.

Marketing Pickup Lines

“Did it hurt? When you fell in the SERPs?”

“Do you know karate? ‘Cause your site is kickin’.”

“Here are the keys to my house, my car and your lead gen.”

“You’ve got something on your site: my eyes.”

“Just call me Fred Flintstone, ’cause I can make your rankings rock.”

“Do you clean your site with Windex? Because I can see my link in it.”

“Know what would look good on you? Internal links.”

“Your social shares are so hot, it’d make the Devil sweat.”

“Do you have a map? Because I just got super lost, seriously where is the sitemap.”

“Are your crawlers tired? Because they’ve been running through my site all day.”

“Hey there, can I buy you a link?” (For our desperate black-hatters.)

For pick-up professionals only:

Uh-oh, babe…looks like I forgot to turn on my pop-up blocker.”


Have a favorite pick-up line? Let us know in the comments!


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