How is direct mail still effective?  I mean, it must be, right?  If it wasn’t, someone would’ve figured that out by now.  That, or survival of the fittest would’ve killed off the companies spending millions on junk mail.OK, maybe direct mail done right works, but today I saw an example of it done wrong.  Horribly wrong.  Take a look at this pic:

In the mail were tons and tons of duplicate paces of direct mail.  Here’s today’s haul by the numbers:

Number of Lands End Business Outfitters Catalogs: 13Number of Godiva Chocolate Catalogs: 4Number of Chocolate purchasers at 352 Media Group: 0Number of “Business Writing & Grammar Made Fun” seminar brochures: 2Number of people who think grammar is fun at 352 Media Group: 0Number of Adobe training brochures: 4Number of mail paces to people who don’t work here anymore: 7Number of mail paces to people who don’t work from this office: 4Number of times CEO Geoff’s named was spelled “Jeff”: 1

Let’s take Lands End, for example.  That is a company we actually use for our corporate attire.  About a year back they made a big todo about the launch of personalized e-stores.  Basically it’s a store just for our employees to shop for attire with our logo on it.  Great idea, especially since we’re a Web company.  Their sales to us must’ve doubled (guessing).  So why keep sending us the paper catalogs?  In this age of giving a damn about the environment, I hope this type of wasteful, irresponsible, and ineffective marketing goes the way of the fax machine…and soon!



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