As marketers and website owners, we’ve heard for years that content is king. And in all those years of content-building, we’ve created tons of blog posts, dozens of videos and an army of social media posts. But the nice thing about content is that it doesn’t have to stay in the same form forever. Many of us are sitting on a treasure trove of great content just looking to be used in a new way. In this week’s 352 Noodles & Doodles, we break down the basics of repurposing content.

Repurposing your old content is an easy way to keep older content fresh, but it’s also an important consideration when you’re developing new content strategies. Be the king (or queen) of your content by taking a fresh look at your old content.

And just in case you were worried that this video was too serious, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a video that didn’t take anywhere near 30 (ok, 40) takes to complete.

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[Mike Cushing]: Hi, my name is Mike Cushing and I’m a marketing strategist here at 352. Today I’m here to talk to you about repurposing your old content. So as Digital Marketers, website owners, over the years we have heard this phrase “Content is King,” and I’ve got great news for you. Content is still King, but that doesn’t mean it has to be king of just one thing.
What every great piece of content has in common is that it is compelling. It keeps your current audience engaged, it helps attract new users, and keeps your website fresh.  As Digital Marketers, for content we strive for one thing: We want evergreen content. So that means that when someone stumbles on it will be compelling, it will be interesting, it will help them engage with your website.
We have over the years, since content is king we have all pumped out tons of blog posts, tons of pictures, infographics, what have you. And the nice thing about content is that it doesn’t have to stay in the same form forever. As we are trying to stay fresh and keep users engaged, sometimes everything needs a little bit of a facelift. That is where your old content really comes in handy. We have built up this huge treasure trove of great content, and maybe now it is time to re-use it, recycle it, repurpose it, but really what you are doing is rethinking it.
The chances are pretty good that you are already doing this. As you are pumping out those 10 blog articles a month, or posting to Facebook at least once a day to keep your audience engaged. You’re already thinking about your content in different ways for different audiences. If you have your blog post, you are going to share it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, and every time you craft that message it’s a bit different. So, as you move forward you want to think about how you can maybe use a really successful blog post that you have had, or a successful infographic or video, and think about what other content avenues you can drive that content down
So, a blog post doesn’t have to stay a blog post. It can become a slideshare, it can become an infographic, and an infographic can become a blog post or a video. You have all that great content, and you can rethink it in different ways, but what about new content? So when you’re planning for the future, planning your content calendar, you want to plan around an idea. Think about the five to ten things that you can really knock out of the park and really compel your users with. And then, think about how you can use that content in different ways. Will this topic be good for a blog post, will it be good as a video, will it be good as an infographic, or all three?
You really want to think about how your users are going to engage with that content or an idea, and then make it in a super way for specific audiences. You know, we always had those kids in class, when one kid was good at learning by sticking his head in a book and never looking up, someone had to have the teacher explain it to them 10 times, someone was really good at looking at a diagram or a picture and understanding the topic. Your users are the same way. Not everyone is going to want to sit down and read a thousand word blog post when an infographic can get the same message across in 5 minutes. So you really want to think about and ask your users how they want their content, and then deliver the content in the way that they want.
That takes us through to the next point. You want to be a hub for your content. In the past, for link building and SEO, we have always been told we want to throw as much content and links out in the world as possible, and get a link back to your website. Well now what we really want to do is become a content center. You want all sorts of content to live on your site and engage with your users, and then have them share it out. So you are getting these nice links from your users based on content that really compels them and that they want to share. So you want that blog post to become infographic, to become a slideshare, but then also link back to your website. You want all of that content to eventually drive users to you and also share your content to other people. So that’s what we mean when we say we want to be a hub. You want your content to work for you. You are not working to create good content. Your content is bringing people to you.
One final note, we want to be mobile. You want to think mobile with all of your content. We are coming to the point pretty soon where mobile traffic will account for more than 50% of Internet traffic in the U.S. That’s going to change the way content is viewed. Again, not everyone is going to want to read a thousand word blog post on their phone or on their tablet. Instead a short video might work, or an easy infographic to get the point across. So you really want to think about how people are going to be viewing your content in the future. Because, if you want to stay evergreen you want people to keep coming back and have it be fresh. So, think about how your concept can be used, think about who is going to be looking at your content, and plan accordingly. So, that’s repurposing your old content and thank you for listening


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