Facebook and Twitter: that’s old news. Too many people, there for too many different reasons. How would you ever be able to get to the right people in your industry? We are calling all artists, musicians, graphic designers, painters, actors, photographers and art fans alike to join the newest social networking website for artists, artrise. Now, the art industry finally has its own place in the social networking-sphere. Artrise is the art social network, providing everyone in the art industry a customized, better-suited place to interact with others, showcase their work and expand their network.


It works like an artist’s portfolio website, where you can upload your work to galleries online to share it with the world. You’re even able to get feedback from other artists in these galleries. You can also connect through groups, who share your interests, and who knows, you may run into an important industry professional or maybe even meet your biggest fan.

The best part? Events and artists jobs bring your online activity to your offline activity. By browsing current listings of art events and art jobs throughout the country, artrise is helping you improve your career as an artist and stay connected all on one place. These postings are also user-generated, so it’s likely that you’ll be hearing about a job or event even before it’s publicly announced. Because on artrise, you’re not just connecting with friends with similar interests; you’re connecting with the right people in art industry.


Artrise is currently in beta testing but is providing free invite codes for selected users to be among the first to register and try out the newest social networking website for the art industry. Users can request an invite code from artrise via their Facebook wall, Twitter, or by e-mailing them at So if you are ready to connect, the public launch of artrise, the art social network, is set for November 15, 2010.


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