The Pro-Card CD and Website is a project that we launched last week, I asked Steve some questions about his company , product idea and the future, see
what he has to say ….Pro Card hompahe Screen shot

Declan : Tell me about yourself?
Steve : Married, 4 children, 8 grandchildren, BSBA University Of Phoenix, 15 Years Manufacturing, 19 Years Military, Iraqi War Vet.

Declan : Tell me about your project?
Steve : The product is a miniature CD that contains a  custom presentation.  This presentation can be viewed from the CD itself or if the viewer has an Internet connection, the presentation would be viewed from a file on a stand alone server.  This file can be accessed by the owner of the presentation so the presentation can be updated to provide the viewer with current information.  The CD does not need special software to run, it runs on multiple operating systems, it can also be tracked, presented in different languages, it uses flash media, and can interpret many different video files.  

Declan : How did you get in touch with 352 Media Group?
Steve : Searched on the Internet.  352 Media post in the top 10 on Google and Yahoo search engines  

Declan : How was the experience for you, what where the highs and lows, and how did they handled?
Steve : Over all I had a great experience.  Everyone was very knowledgeable, very professional.  The project took some time, being that a web site and CD had to be created.   

Declan : Can you tell us a little bit about some of the problems that Proformance Marketing has faced? What can people learn from them?
Steve : I researched this project for almost year prior to contacting 352.  The project still took almost 20 weeks to complete.  Timing is very important to roll out a new product.  Make sure that you have researched your target market.  As any business, make sure you have budgeted your project properly.   

Declan : Unlike a lot of websites we develop, yours actually produces a physical product (CD). How did you come up with the idea?
Steve : The market needed a way for business to connect customers to their product.  Use of the Internet by business has been very successful.  However, you still need to advertise your web site.  The miniature CD business card has been on the market for a while.  Consider my product as a high-tech business card that advertises your company and/or your product and connects you to the Internet/your web site.  I also developed the product around a client’s potential need.  

Declan : A lot of your potential customers probably don’t realize that you’re based in Iraq, but you’re a US company, what issues will this present to you and how will you overcome them.
Steve : I actually developed Proformance Marketing with my present company being based overseas.  As long as I have Internet connection and a cell phone, I can run the business.  The only draw back is if an in person meeting is required.   

Declan : You’re still a young business, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced? Steve : Getting that first sale and breaking into the market.  However, choosing established companies to partnership with helps credibility.  

Declan : Are there any tips you can pass on for people thinking about setting up their own web based business?
Steve : The largest hurdle for anyone setting up a web based business is developing a product that no one else has, or one that can be improved.  Find a company that can develop your web site so that it does not look like everyone else’s web site.  Find a way to advertise your web site out side of the Internet. 
Declan : What are your plans for the future?
Steve : I plan on developing the product further, and seek out those clients that can benefit from the use of the Pro-Card.

If you want to view the full video that Neal and Derek worked very hard on click here


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