Technology is all around us. As evidence, witness my eighty-five year old grandmother mixing a beat on my Roland drum pad:

Look at Grandma Jean check her mic like a pro.

Even just a few years ago, you would have never seen something that awesome. But now we find ourselves using some pretty amazing devices every day, and unfortunately also dealing with their inefficiencies. While the technology companies come up with greater advances each year, it’s often up to us consumers to handle the finer details of usability.

Witness the Bluetooth headset. Or, for iPhone users like myself, the more obscure ear-bud headset. When I’m talking on my cell phone, most people don’t know I’m even using a phone at all. And so I end up making some awkward “I’m on the phone” gestures to my friends and co-workers.

This is even worse in public, when someone has one of those miniature earpieces. People think you’re talking to yourself. Best case, you look rude. Worst case, insane.

Solution: The “I’m on the phone” hat.

A simple knit cap and a couple dollars worth of fabric and Velcro and you can be fashioning this lovely contraption. Simply pull over the “I’m on the phone” flap, secure it in place, and there’s no question that “you are on the phone”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first issue of “Innovative Solutions for the 21st Century” by Lincoln Anderson. Stay tuned for more great ideas. I have a lot of them.

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Lincoln is the associate director of design at 352. With 17 years experience at the company, Lincoln has worked with some of the agency's top clients.