My new blackberry 8830I’m late to the game, I know.  Even my father, who used to have his emails printed out and read to him, has had a blackberry.  Well I have one now, and it’s glorious.  Some background…

This isn’t my first smartphone.  Our company uses Verizon, so I had to wait until they finally came out with one last year in the form of the Palm Treo 700w, the first palm with windows mobile.  There were a couple of problems.  Most notably, getting email was clunky at best.  My company doesn’t use exchange (that’s another story), so I had to use the verizon system which just stopped worked about 6 months in to me having that phone.  That meant all syncs were initiated by me, not the phone.  Annoying.

Second big problem was the constant locking up.  If you were composing a text or email and the phone rang, I’d either not be able to answer or the phone would keep ringing after I answered it for about 5 seconds.  That’s just no good.

So I was able to upgrade to the BB 8830 from Verizon.  First off, great looking phone.  I was very scared to leave the touch screen of the treo, by far its nicest feature.  However the trackball on the BB has put me at ease.  Then came the best part…the email.

So I went through the setup wizard for email…it asked for my email address and password.  Then the setup ended.  Weird.  I figured I’d come back to it after lunch and figure out where I put the name of the imap server, etc, etc, etc.  But then, to my amazement, I got an email.  In fact, it got to my blackberry before I saw it on my computer, which is plugged in to my network!  I just told it my address and it figured out the rest.  I’m in awe. 

I haven’t even made a call on the thing, but it would have to sound like a WWII walkie talkie for me to forget about the email feature.  This thing is great.  I’m officially on the Blackberry bandwagon (that is, if there is any room left). 

Anyone want to by a gently used Palm Treo 700w?


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