I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  If you were to create a conference for our company, from session topics to location to networking opportunities, it still wouldn’t be a better fit for us than Microsoft’s MIX event.  I’m going tomorrow, along with several other people from 352 Media, and I want to make sure I keep you in the loop.  At first I was lamenting blogging from MIX, dealing with hotel wireless, finding a quiet place to sit on the strip, etc.  That is, until I read this:

MIX08 BlogZone: For all your blogging needs
Posted By: Denise Begley | Feb 21st @ 6:41 PM

Let us provide you with all the amenities you would expect to experience at MIX in true blogging fashion: Massive bandwidth connectivity, food and drinks (steady caffeine stream), Plasma Screens, Xbox 360s with games such as Rock Band, Halo 3 and more. Come mingle with fellow bloggers and interact with Microsoft spokespeople, Microsoft customers/partners and session speakers as they casually drop in.

How’s that for awesome?  360’s, plasma screens, and interaction with the speakers?  I might watch Scott Guthrie’s keynote, then blog about it while I talk with him.  Or, I might just sit there and play Rock Band while others blog about me!  Either way, it’s just another reason that conference is rad!

See you there!


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