I wrote a post about a month back about our struggles to find a good PR firm to help promote our company.  I think we’ve finally got it right with SSPR, but the jury is still out.  We’ve only been with them about a month, and PR certainly takes time.  That said, all indications thus far are much better than our adventures with the performance-based model.

But as I perused the industry news this afternoon, something really made me take notice.  There’s always a story about what google or microsoft is up to, but today is just ridiculous!  Is google’s PR firm just amazing, or are we just that interested in what the search giant is up to?  I’ve got to think its the first one, because the news articles are a virtual play by play of their board meetings.  Here’s just a sampling of articles that all came out today:

Australia prepares for ‘Google election’ – AFP – Fri Sep 14, 12:07 PM ET

Google Calls for Global Online Privacy Standard – PC World – Fri Sep 14, 12:00 PM ET

Google says world could use Asian privacy approach – Reuters – Fri Sep 14, 8:59 AM ET

Google Pledges $30 Million for Private Moon Landing – PC World – Fri Sep 14, 8:00 AM ET

Google, at age 10, is the official heart of the Internet – AFP – Fri Sep 14, 3:57 AM ET

I seriously expect to see by the end of the day a breaking news alert, letting me know that “Google co-founder Sergey Brin has allergic reaction to shellfish; sources say the hives “ruined his lunch.”‘

Not a day goes by that I don’t “call for” something, be it more leads, the failure of our competition, or a sandwich.  But does Rueters pick that up?  Of course not.  I guess because I’m not the heart of the Internet.  That headline should just read “Reporter loves google so much, he plans to marry it.” 

Is any of what I’ve just written worthy of some free press? 


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