What a Great Idea!

I was sitting at a mongolian bbq restaurant in Indianapolis when the idea for the perfect restaurant came to me.  The name?  The Trough.  This fantastical eatery would have two sections…a bar with a trough of food to eat as well as tables for those not in a time crunch.  But at the tables you’d get a trough-like experience through an innovative eating method.  Innovative for humans at least.  I’m speaking of course of the feedbag. 

Why should horses be the only ones to enjoy a hands-free eating experience?  Imagine yourself bellying up to a trough.  Wouldn’t you be happier than a pig in, well, stuff?  Waitresses dressed like farmers’ daughters would circulate with pitchers of slop, topping off feedbags as needed.  Just ingenious. 

Well I never acted on the idea, partly because of the health concerns, choking hazards, and general stupidity of the idea.  But even still, I should’ve got a patent.  I learned that too late, as one of my good friends Brian sent me this today:

New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less

What an amazing idea, huh?  You’ve gotta love the onion!

And Speaking of Brian Keller…

Brian is of course one half of the duo behind “This Week on Channel 9,” a Microsoft show that takes a tounge-in-cheek look at the latest news related to the developer community.  Check out their latest episode from TechEd in Orlando here.

I’ve embedded their show before, but that’s not the point tonight.  Instead I thought we’d turn the camera on their fan base.  Here’s what my brand new daughter thought of the show:

Not a future developer.  Guess I shouldn’t have gotten her that shirt at the company store last week when I was in Redmond.

Blue Makes Me Happy…And a Loser

Stupidest study ever?  You decide.  Tell me how they got funding:

It’s better to be on the red team than on the blue team in an online multiplayer shooting game, according to researchers.

The scientists studied the outcomes of 1,347 matchups between elite teams playing “Unreal Tournament 2004,” a so-called first-person shooter game. The main activity in the game is running around and shooting at the avatars of the opposing team.

As is the case with most team-based online shooting games, players of Unreal Tournament can choose to be on either the red team or the blue team, and their avatars wear those colors. But that choice is not as neutral as it seems: 55 percent of the time, the red team won, according to the study published this week in the journal Cyberpsychology & Behavior.

Neuroscientist Mihai Moldovan of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark said the reason was most likely that the color red may act as a psychological distractor for men, possibly because men flush and turn red when they’re angry. “

While this is really an interesting analysis, the notion of red team versus blue team has been ingrained in the Unreal Tournament series for years. We don’t anticipate any immediate changes to team colors,” said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, the Cary, N.C.-based developer of the series.

Read the rest of that ridiculous article here.


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