You may have read my post from last week on how I missed out on a big opportunity with MY feedbag restaurant idea.  Oh well.  These things happen.  But not twice in a week!

I get home last night and my wife tells me about this article about technology unleashing the power of exercising.

Seems some kid ripped me off, and right here in my own backyard!  “He” had the idea for converting the energy from cardio machines at the gym in to electricity.  Sure he did.  Only thing is I blogged about it back on April fool’s day, as part of my “trick the staff in to thinking we are going to make them pedal at their desks all day to save the earth” program.  Read it for yourself here: Pedaling Towards a Carbon Neutral Company – 352 Media Goes Green!

So obviously I was kidding in that post, but it did get me thinking.  In fact, the next time I was at the gym I even talked about the idea with one of the employees there that I’ve gotten to know.  I guess an idea is only worth something only if you act on it.  Good lesson, even though it seems obvious.  However we all sit here and complain about gas prices, but are we really willing to step up and do something about it?  The ideas are out there…

From now on I’m going to patent everything I say.


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