This morning I came across again CopyScape “Search for copies of your page on the Web”. Actually let me go back further I use Google alerts and 352 Media Group is one of my alerts. I like to know what’s happening or what clients are saying about us so I can stay ahead of the game.

The Alert this morning came back for I thought it was strange as I didn’t know we had the .org. So I clicked on it and was the personal blog of Howard Nestler “CEO of Executive Options” (never heard of him) and his site was designed by which brings me back to copyscape … in the search area in the home page you can enter any URL. I happened to use and one of the results was this link

Now there are a few other similarities as such small blurbs of text in “parenthesis” request a proposal image. I guess this is flattering that other webs companies out there want to emulate us and cash in on users that type .org instead off .com. We better go now and buy our Cameroon domain just in case.

The Plot gets thicker each time you click on a blog and see Howards info it give you links to another site to find out more info abut him I stopped after the 5th site. I guess this is just another way to do SEM although it has the whiff of blackhat tactics.


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