Those Crazy Internet kids have come up with a new fad. First it was “The Hoff”, then “Chuck Norris” – Now it is Rick Astley .  I came across this site Ask the CSS Guy  they had an article on “The Value Of <u>”.

“The <u>, whose sole purpose was to underline inline text, was deprecated in HTML 4.01, and was destined to remain unsupported in future versions of HTML. However, arguments have recently been made to revive it in HTML 5, warning that <u> has a specific value that no other tag has, and that we never should’ve given <u> up. Watch Tim Berners-Lee defend this proposition to the World Wide Web Consortium in a heated March 2008 discussion.”

I clicked the link thinking I was going to get a glimpse of TB-L giving the W3C the “Gordon Ramsey” treatment, but, the saddest part of all  — I kept watching thinking something funny was going to happen, because the lyrics include “Never gonna give “U” up” hoping it would transition to a video of Tim Berners-Lee. But I was wrong and I got Rick Rolled.

Twice in one week “Rick Rolled” and “PVR’ed”  — this is not good.


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