If you’ve found this post through a search hoping for help about solving an abuse issue on Facebook, then you’re out of luck. I’m actually writing this post as a plea for help. Hopefully there will be some comments that answer both of our questions!

OK, so here’s the deal. One of our former employees let us know that we’re being used for a potential identity theft plot through Facebook. Basically you can list your current employer in your profile. Looks like a bunch of people are listing 352 Media Group as their employer, 432 in all, though many they never worked here. I think I’d remember hiring a 12-year-old boy name Abdulah Alawiya or super sexy male model Bajboi Ionut. Having a legit company on their profile may help them gain trust, especially from other employees or alumni of our company, opening them up to potential scams.

From what I can tell, unlike a group or fan pages, there is no way for the employer to confirm or deny what someone lists there. In fact, I just declared myself the CEO of Boeing! How is that cool?

facebook profile

So what can be done about this? Anything? It’s not like Facebook has a customer service line. I could just imagine the calls, “My boyfriend listed himself as not in a relationship anymore…can you please update his status before I kill him?” I see the link to report someone, but none of the choices really fit. “Fake Profile” is the best option, but the choices then are impersonating me, using my photos, using a fake name, this profile is hacked, or does not represent a real person. I’m sure it’s a real person, they’re just a dirty liar. I’m sure, just as one example, that Xochilt Xchel Cabal Zuccolotto is his or her real name. I mean, you can’t make that stuff up!

The other option is to report an intellectual property claim, but does this apply? They’re not saying they designed things on our portfolio. Where does this fit in? What do I do?

Any help would be great. Please leave a comment, share this one Twitter, or share it on Facebook. We can’t have people parading around as 352 Media Group employees, now can we? I mean, c’mon. Look at Anita Anita Chong. There’s no way she’s old enough to work here! And she graduated from Nemecke Zemske Gymnasium High in 1989? Looks like a nice school. What was she doing between then and college, since she isn’t graduating until this year? Focus, Chong, focus!


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