Rule #1 of blogging:  Keep your blog fresh, interesting and up to date.  This is true with Web site content in general, but it is particularly true with blogging.  If you are going to setup a blog on your Web site, you absolutely must add fresh content to it often — at least once a week, and ideally several times a week.  If you don’t, your customers will stop reading.

I have advised our clients on the importance of this, but I have a little egg on my face right now, because it has been more than 2 months since my last blog post!  I went out of town for the holiday and then got extremely busy the first part of this year with strategic planning, goal setting and other initiatives.  Blogging fell to the bottom of my priority list.  But that is absolutely no excuse, because that is how blogs fail!  If you aren’t committed to keeping your blog up to date, then don’t have a blog at all.

Thankfully for me, we have several other key staff members in our company who have kept up with their blogging.  Special thanks to Peter, our VP of Marketing, who is a blogging machine and always has interesting, well written posts.  He and others have picked up the slack during my absence.

So what has gone on these past few months while I have been silent?  One notable news item was the revelation that Google is now trying to index the text that appears inside images and videos.  This was uncovered by looking at Google’s recent patent filings.  This is great news, actually, because it means that graphical menu bars and page titles, which previously never got indexed, will now be picked up by Google.  There is no timeline as to when Google’s search will be updated with this technology, but hopefully it will be soon.

Another noteworthy item was that the iPhone also recently released its SDK for developers.  Our staff here is excited about this release because we hope to venture more into mobile media production in the future.  Unfortunately Apple only released a Mac version of it, but hopefully they will have more versions available in the future.

Around our office, we recently upgraded our revision control system from CVS to Subversion.   Subversion is a pretty big upgrade from CVS — if you use CVS currently, you should definitely consider switching.

And then of course there was Microsoft’s MIX Conference, which has already been blogged about a ton in our blog, but it was definitely a great event for everyone who attended.

So that’s the update for now… stay tuned for more… and keep blogging!


Geoff is a true entrepreneur. He’s passionate about helping companies find, build and grow their next big idea. He launched his first venture at age 16, when he started a computer store in a shopping mall in Sarasota, Florida. Since then, he’s built eight more companies.