Just let it be noted that I called dibs on Antarctica.  Therefore, it’s now mine.  I believe I shall rename it Petearctica.  Just rolls off the tongue, don’t it?

Now that I have what I want, I’ll let you know what I’m talking about.  You see, Russia called shotgun on the North Pole.  So apparently that’s all it takes these days.  No longer will the frozen (yet melting) tundra be an escape for all of us.  No, it is now in the icy clutches of the Russians (terrible pun intended).  Apparently there’s some oil up there.  Just what we need. 

And just to make it official, they’re currently traveling in subs to the sea floor to plant a flag.  I’m not kidding.  That’s why I’m on the next flight to Antarctica, to plant my flag.  What, no direct flights to the entire continent?  How the heck did the “March of the Penguins” people get there?!  Apparently a boat from Cape Horn. 

Actually, after further consideration, I’m going with this island.  Not only does it have a nice horseshoe shaped cove for calm seas and sunning myself during the 24 hours of daylight, but it’s right in Russia’s backyard.  That’ll really p**s them off, but hey…I called it. 


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