I’m not saying I came up with our company’s name, 352 Media Group.  But I was involved.  Sure, it had it’s other advantages…homage to the area code of the place we were founded, alphabetically always first, etc, etc.  But the real genius is the free advertising we get along with such an ingenious name.

Take a look at the pic below:

352 Media Group's Free Advertising

This picture is of the scoreboard during the Florida State versus Florida football game from this past weekend.  Dodge, whose ad rotates, likely spent hundreds of thousands of dollars for those two ads, and Pepsi?  Countless more.  But look close.  Not only did our ad display four times over the course of the game, but it was free!  And we got an extra bonus this game when a timeout was called while our “ad” was up.  Priceless. 

Now consider this was just one stadium on a day with hundreds of college football games across several divisions.  And that is why I’m a marketing wizard.  I mean, c’mon.  Did you think it was a coincidence that bigfoot smiles for the camera on frame 352 of the famous Patterson-Gimlin film?  Product placement my friends. 

Hats off to the other marketing gurus at Software602, 123 Greetings, and the elder statesman, the Peugeot 505.  Sorry you guys didn’t get any timeouts this week in Florida. 

So the next time you’re waiting for 5 o’clock to roll around and you look at your watch, remember that 3:52pm is brought to you by the Web development experts at 352 Media Group.


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